Fees and Payment
Early Bird Rate: $995
Regular Rate: $1,195

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your space in the training. The balance is due 7 days before the program begins. Payment plans are available. For payment questions email info@love-yogastudio.com. 


Are you ready to deepen your teaching and learn how to offer yoga to support pregnant people and their families through the transformation of pregnancy, birth and parenthood?

The Nurture and Nourish Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive, Yoga Alliance Registered 85 hour Prenatal Training that is designed to give you the tools to teach supportive, compassionate and transformational perinatal yoga classes. Join us this fall for this virtual training. 

This training is for you if:

  • You are a yoga teacher or birth worker that is interested in using the practices of yoga to support pregnant people.
  • You want to take a deep dive into the culture of pregnancy, birth, matrescence and early parenthood in order to better meet your students’ needs.
  • You are interested in learning anatomy, physiology and psychology related to pregnancy and birth in a fresh, experiential and engaging way.
  • You want to be able to think critically about ‘how and why’ to use specific yoga asana and other practices in pregnancy and postpartum rather than just learning modifications or a set sequence.

Course Content includes:

  • Teaching yoga philosophy and energetics relate to perinatal yoga.
  • How to weave mantra, mudra and visualization into the practice to help your students to foster connection to themselves and their babies.
  • Learning how movement in the pregnant body can impact the position the baby adopts and how to offer yoga for specific situations such as breech position.
  • Learning about weaving yoga with childbirth education and sharing techniques your students can use to help them to stay centered through pregnancy and any kind of birth or journey into parenthood.
  • Exploring your own experiences, bias and language tendencies as part of the process of deepening your own yoga practice and teaching.
  • Learning about how trauma affects people in the perinatal phase and how you can share yoga practices that are trauma-conscious and support and develop your students’ personal agency.
  • Using a variety of resources to immerse yourself in the content: podcasts, additional reading, group projects, practice teaching and observing perinatal classes. As a part of the virtual training you will receive your E-book Training Manual and have access to the online module platform with videos, reflection prompts and other assignments.

85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Nurture & Nourish Yoga

Winter 2022

Johanna Olivas

Johanna fell in love with yoga a decade ago. She took prenatal yoga all throughout her pregnancy. It was the only thing she could do physically that could make her feel comfortable in her ever-changing body during that time. She was that woman that took her yoga mat to labor and delivery, practicing pranayama and asana until she delivered her daughter --more than 30 hours of labor-- her dedication to her yoga practice worked! A professional marketer by trade, she decided to take the leap and go to her first yoga teacher training to take a deeper dive into her practice. Yoga has been a foundational piece of her life, keeping her grounded in the most chaotic times and equally in the most blissful times and she’d like to share the powerfully transformational aspects of yoga with all of her students.

If you have questions about the program please feel free to reach out to Claire at claire@nurtureandnourishyoga.com. 

The virtual program takes place over three weekends.
Module 1: Dates TBD      Module 2: Dates TBD      Module 3: Dates TBD
Saturdays: 10am-1pm EST & 3pm-7pm EST
Sundays: 10am-1pm EST & 3pm-7pm EST
Schedule is the same each weekend.

Can I take this training if I am pregnant?

Yes – this is a great training to take during pregnancy.

What happens if I unexpectedly miss some of the training?
Please plan to be present for all the training hours - we cannot guarantee graduation from the program if hours are missed. Missed hours may be able to be made up in one-to-one sessions charged at a private class rate.

Does this training qualify me to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)?
In order to fulfill the requirements for the RPYT designation you will be required to teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga after completion of this training, and have completed a 200hr yoga teacher training. The pathway to becoming registered with Yoga Alliance as an RPYT is detailed here (https://www.yogaalliance.org/Credentialing/For_Teachers/RPYT

Do you offer tuition scholarships?
There are two 50% scholarships available for this training.
Special consideration is given for scholarship applications from people of color and those expecting to serve vulnerable or marginalized populations. In the US there is significant racial disparity in birth outcomes for both mothers and babies – with higher maternal and infant mortality rates in black women - who are 2 times more likely to die in childbirth than white women. Research has shown that the underlying causes of this disparity are chronic oppression and systemic racism. Everyone has their part to play in dismantling both direct and institutionalized racism and this is addressed as part of this training with regard to the yoga space and birth-work.
You can find references and learn more about the racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality and health here: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/magazine/magazine_article/america-is-failing-its-black-mothers/​

Please email Claire claire@nurtureandnourishyoga.com to discuss the scholarship application.

Through this program you will deepen your understanding of the wide variation in lived experiences of pregnancy and birth and the prevailing pregnancy, birth and postnatal care 'culture’ in the US. This knowledge will be your foundation in creating perinatal classes that seek to serve the true needs of pregnant and birthing people and parents. The Nurture and Nourish program is grounded in a philosophy of offering yoga practices that are crafted specifically for pregnant and postnatal students and not a simple modification of a standard practice. 

Expect to take a deep dive into prenatal and postnatal anatomy, physiology and psychology and to use this depth to think critically about how to offer asana, movement, mindfulness practices and meditation for your students. The anatomy and physiology component is supported by modern movement science research with an emphasis on an ‘experiential anatomy’ learning model. This training will equip you to teach groups with a wide variation in gestation and yoga experience using specific tools and strategies to serve everyone in your class.

Trauma awareness is foundational to the Nurture and Nourish program. This training addresses racial disparities in maternal and infant health and reproductive trauma in its many forms. Any teacher of perinatal yoga should expect to have trauma show up in their classes. Graduates of this program will recognize this and have the tools to offer trauma-conscious perinatal yoga, be clear about their scope of practice and will ultimately develop a network of referral resources.

Claire Sandberg

Claire is a Specialist Fertility and Perinatal Yoga Teacher, the author of and lead trainer for the Nurture & Nourish Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program. A lifelong lover of learning about the human body, mind and spirit she trained to be a medical doctor in the UK and specialized in anesthesiology. Claire is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and has an integrated approach that weaves her medical and childbirth knowledge with the teachings of yoga. Claire believes perinatal yoga can have a deeply positive impact on the experiences of pregnant and birthing people and can help parents to be with themselves, and with their children, in a more connected, compassionate and mindful way.