Teen & Adult Class Descriptions
These classes are held on a weekly basis. All levels are welcome!

**Please be advised that some classes will be transitioning to In-Person class series along with being virtual. Email us for more details!!**

​​​​​Hatha Yoga 
This class provides instruction on the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work, and assists students in building their own yoga practice. Asanas (poses) are held longer than a flow class to create more awareness in the body. 

Sunrise Flow

Stretch and flow your way into your morning for a relaxing, yet invigorating, practice to welcome the day.
This class will wake your body up slowly with some stretching. Once awake, we will flow through some more active poses, before winding down with a calming meditative savasana.

Gentle Yoga

This class is for the yogi who seeks a slower paced practice. In this class, the teacher will offer modifications and use props generously to support your practice. If you experience extra tight hips, cranky knees, and/or other minor body ailments this may be the class for you!

Yoga Nidra

This class does not require movement and can be done reclined on a yoga mat, on your couch or even in your bed. This practice is a systematic method that induces complete physical mental and emotional relaxation, while maintaining awareness at deeper levels. This yogic sleep cultivates conscious ease and can bring about a soothing state of being.

Strengthen & Flow
This class is an active vinyasa flow with strength and power building elements sprinkled throughout. Students use their body weight and yoga props to build long lean muscles, in addition to stretching to increase flexibility and practicing breathe work to expand lung capacity. Students will leave this class feeling empowered and physically invigorated.

Slow Flow

​This class is an hour of slow paced poses and guided meditation, focused on giving the entire body a full stretch. The pace of class increases slightly in the middle of class, supporting strength building and cardio health. Students will leave feeling invigorated and ready to finish their week at peace and with love!

Stretch & Flow
If your focus is on increasing flexibility, this is the class for you! In this alignment-based class, students hold poses slightly longer than in vinyasa flow classes, so muscles have a chance to release. Tennis balls and other props are used for myofascial release. There will be particular emphasis on increasing flexibility in hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and back. Open to students at all levels of yoga experience. Students will leave the class feeling rejuvenated and at peace in their body.

Restorative Yoga

Come rest, restore, and renew! This class starts with passive, supported stretches and restorative holds. Class will end with a state of deep relaxation through 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra and Savasana. You will leave this class feeling rejuvenated!

Candlelight Flow & Meditation

This class offers an opportunity to deepen your practice of self-love through this intimate flow. This experience offers a time for self-reflection and self-care, as you move in candlelight. This class ends with a ten minute self-empowering meditation during Savasana.

Yin Yoga
This class is an introspective, slow meditative practice where poses are held for several minutes at a time, actively stretching connective tissues to strengthen and lengthen them. As you apply gentle tension to your body for long periods of time, you create an opportunity for mindfulness, practice intentional breathing and activate the energetic body.

Breathe & Flow 

Breathe, stretch, bend and twist as you center yourself with this energizing and uplifting flow class. Within these 75 minutes, you will experience a movement meditation with yoga poses and deep breathing. You will leave this class feeling grounded and at peace!

Power Flow

This 75 minute class is designed to give you a burst of energy, while you challenge and push your body to new heights. This quick moving class is great for strength training both of the body and of the mind! You will leave this class feeling invigorated and accomplished, as whatever you do will be celebrated. There are no have-to's or judgment in this class.

Meditative Flow
This is a vinyasa-like class that begins with a slow sequence of poses and movements intended to bring peace to the mind and ease to the body.  Rhythmic meditation music is used to guide students through 45 minutes of slow, yet challenging sequence of poses and mindful movements, followed by 15 minutes of savasana.  Students will leave feeling invigorated and nourished--ready to start a new week! 

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