Do you have a service or product that you can provide to the studio in exchange for weekly yoga classes? Yes! Go to the contact page and fill out an inquiry slip. Please include the service or product you can provide for the studio. Upon receipt of the request, we will ask for proof of the value of the service or product, in order to determine the barter value from Love Yoga.

Become A Studio Assistant

Are you able to dedicate two hours per week to assisting at the studio? Yes! Consider becoming a Love Yoga Studio Assistant! Check out our schedule and then contact us with your availability.

Attend Community Class

Check the schedule for community classes. Typically, these are free classes offered on a holiday or for some other special occasion. Or, it may be a training class, where a yoga teacher in-training is gaining real world experience. Or, we may simply be in the giving mood and want to spread light with free yoga!

Request Complimentary Credits

Sometimes, former students have credits that were not used and have been donated to Love's Fund A Yogi bank. Email us with the number of credits that you are requesting and a couple of paragraphs explaining your need for the assistance. Once the information is reviewed, you will receive an email with the number of credits you have been awarded.

Become a Social Media & Marketing Intern

This internship is a 3 month commitment that involves running social media marketing campaigns as well as bi-weekly grassroots marketing initiatives. If this is something you are interested in, please email us and we will send you the full description and application.