Angel (Certified in Kids Yoga)

Angel has an extensive background in early childhood education through the capacity of professional teaching, coaching, and training. Her journey of exposing children to the practice of mindfulness began in her teaching experiences as a kindergarten teacher in 2005. She currently works as an early childhood instructional specialist where she supports preschool teachers with using yoga and mindfulness to create calm and safe learning environments. She believes yoga is the missing link to making sure we are supporting the whole child--mind, body, and heart. In her classes, she uses adventure whether an imaginary trip to the zoo or a day at the beach, to grow children's creativity, confidence, concentration, body awareness, and compassion. 

Off the mat, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the great outdoors of the DMV area, and helping those around her connect with their inner harmony.

Michelle (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR)

Michelle was first introduced to yoga as a means of exercise in early 2011, her practice gradually became her main form of fitness over the years and in fall 2014 she decided to start the journey to become a yoga teacher. Completing her training in March of 2015 and continuing to grow her personal and teaching practice, Michelle has taught at many studios in the DC area, along with private lessons and workshops for athletics. Her primary focus and mantra is that "Yoga brings the mind to stillness with vigorous practice." In her classes you can expect to move, push yourself and sweat. This does not mean the class will be a series of difficult poses, this means that classes will require attention in poses because you will constantly be guided to "find your edge" in every single pose. Her classes often have flowing powerful sequences, with opportunities to invert or rest as needed, and always to some lively hip hop, jazz or electronic music!

Toni (Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR)

Toni received her 200 Hr. teacher training from Yoga District. Originally from Bulgaria, she has lived in the DC area for the last 24 years, so she can definitely call herself a local. Her boundless love for all things musical informs her classes--think a lush aural adventure of a playlist. Her classes explore the way sound moves the body and spirit. You can always expect lots of alignment cues. Toni loves the community and is grateful for the opportunity to serve. She likes to bring levity to her class and hopes you will walk away smiling. When she is not teaching yoga, Toni works on her Ph.D. in Anthropology (, teaches GRE test prep, cooks (, DJs, and brews kombucha. She teaches Pilates too, but don't fear her core powers...too much.

Kristen (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR)

Kristen was introduced to yoga while living in Japan, over 10 years ago and quickly fell in love. She has always had the desire to teach. The opportunity arose while working for USAID in Kabul, Afghanistan where she taught a Vinyasa flow class three times a week and fell in love with the stress relief benefits, meditative benefits and fulfillment of teaching. Teaching in a war zone where yoga was really therapeutic and needed for mental health purposes was humbling and inspiring. She deepened her understanding of philosophy and teaching skills through an Ashtanga teacher training in 2013 in Mysore, India. There, she studied with teachers who worked with BKS Iyengar and were influenced by Patabi Jois. She received her 200YR certificate and is registered through the Yoga Alliance. 

Kristen has worked in international development for eight years and co-founded an Artisan craft NGO 5 years ago called Musana Intl.  She believes that merging her desire to help life those in poverty aligns really well with the desire to help view the world in a more yogic way.  She uses Ashtanga as a foundation and is happy to stay true to the series of Ashtanga but frequently teaches a vinyasa flow class.  She enjoys invigorating classes that are catered to intermediate student (of course she loves having beginners in class as well), enjoys playing music, and usually will finish the practice with a short meditation.

Brittany (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR)

At age 14, Brittany took her first yoga class. It was there that she seemed to really notice her breath for the first time. She was intrigued with how she felt after class and the sense of calmness that followed her both on and off the mat. Continuing her yoga journey throughout college, Brittany moved from North Carolina to D.C. in 2010 and found a consistent practice at Yoga District. Completing Yoga District’s 200 hour teacher training in winter of 2015, Brittany’s classes invite all levels of practice and typically follow an invigorating flow style while incorporating her love for Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. Her classes start out slow— reminding us to be present – build heat quickly and end with a nice, long savasana. Brittany shares her love of music in her classes, occasional short readings from her favorite teachers and burns incense to clear the room. Her classrooms are kept at room temperature.

Anil (ISHTA Yoga 500 HR)

Anil's yoga practice combines spiritual and physical benefits that contribute to a holistic life style. Each asana provides particular significance and benefits, therefore, stretching, bending, twisting and balancing have direct effects on the human body. He has achieved Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2004. His practice deepened in the U.S., and in 2010, he completed 500 hours Teacher Training from ISTHA Yoga. He is an avid traveler and photographer. He is also deeply interested in Eastern religious study, particularly the scientific aspect. He has incorporated both Eastern and Western ways of practicing yoga. However, he is influenced by more traditional styles of teaching yoga which he learned in his home country, Nepal.

Ravin, (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR)

Ravin started practicing yoga three years ago as a self-taught yogi using YouTube, books, and photographs as her guides. She started learning Ashtanga yoga, but loves teaching and practicing Vinyasa yoga as well. Over the years, Ravin has learned to hone her skills and develop her own strong private practice. She loves beginning the class slow and slowly quickens the pace to build heat for her students.  Her music choices can range from soft acoustic covers to EDM upbeat songs. Ravin’s personal mantras are “Just because something is not possible one day, does not mean it is not possible someday” and “BeYOUtiful.” Ravin works as a Physical Therapy Aide, and has a passion for healing the human body and spirit with non-invasive holistic methods. She fell in love with yoga and the benefits it offers for the mind, body, and spirit. Due to Ravin’s background in physical therapy, she is knowledgeable on how to modify the practice and asana to meet each individual’s needs. Currently, Ravin is attending school at Prince George’s Community College for a minor in Business Management and gathering prerequisites to transfer into Physical Therapy School. And Ravin loves adventure! When she is not at school, work, or teaching, expect to see her on her next adventure! She completed her Yoga Teacher Training as a RYT 200 in February 2017, and is CPR/AED/First Aid certified.

Michael (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 HR)

Michael frequently cites his own experience to illustrate the transformative power of yoga – he was dragged, kicking and screaming, to his first yoga class. But the impact of the practice on his life was so tremendous that seven years later he was graduating as a certified teacher in the Anusara style of hatha yoga. His teaching is alignment-based and heart-centered, seeking to empower students with the tools and environment with which to achieve the balance, well-being and spiritual expression they seek in their daily lives. Michael’s classes are inspiring, challenging, safe, playful, adventurous, and infused with the kind of rock and roll energy you'd expect from someone who has been playing guitar in bands for their entire life! And while they are always a lot of fun, they are also serious - firmly grounded not only in a strong asana practice but in all eight limbs of Yoga, with the goal of offering students an experience that is much more than simply stretching in Sanskrit.

Monica Corry, Owner and Founder (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 HR)

Monica Corry is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa, ChildLight Yoga, and Budding Yogis teacher who enjoys a good laugh and good company. She was introduced to yoga almost 15 years ago as a form of exercise. However, as her yoga practice deepened, yoga became more than exercise. It became a way of life. She loves learning new things, and is excited to share her teachings and love of yoga with adults, children and families, and show parents how they can use yoga as their special bonding time together with their children in a non-competitive, loving environment. In her adult classes, Monica is inspired by her teacher Faith Hunter, and brings some of Faith's Spiritually Fly soulfulness to her classes and practice.

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