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Love Yoga Studio
​5111 Baltimore Avenue
​Hyattsville, MD 20781

Yoga Studio Etiquette 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts. This will give you enough time to sign in and get settled. Doors to the studio will be open at least 15 minutes before class starts. If you arrive before the doors are open, please wait outside. Someone will arrive shortly to open studio.

Please turn cell phones off and leave it with your other belongings in the closet.

Please remove your shoes when you enter the studio. We practice barefoot, so it helps to keep the floors clean.

Try not to eat a full meal at least an hour and a half before class. A full belly may interfere with your practice. Eating yogurt, nuts or a small snack is okay.

Please try to stay for savasana, which is the last 5-10 minutes of class where we rest. Participating in savasana helps bring your practice to a complete close. If you must leave, please do so quietly.

Please wipe down your mat at the end of class.

Please lint roll your bolster (if you used one) to reduce the amount of potential allergens, such as pet hair, in the studio.

​Please check the white boards for announcements about upcoming events in the studio.