Yogi Night Camp Night camp (Oct 26th, Nov 23rd, Dec 21st) is a three hour (6-9pm), evening, drop-off for yogis ages 3-9 years old that are potty independent. During this three hour session, your young yogi will have opportunities to learn yoga poses, while promoting self-confidence. Your young yogi will also be taught tools to control their breath and techniques to focus and concentrate. This is a high-energy age group and we will keep them busy in a screen-free environment. A light, healthy snack will be offered. You are welcome to pack your young yogi their own personal snack. Doors are locked 15 minutes after night camp starts and unlocked 15 minutes before night camp ends. There is a late fee if your young yogi is picked up after the 5 minute grace period. 

Baby Love Class Series This 45-minute parent-child class is designed to foster movement exploration through developmentally appropriate yoga poses, baby dance jams, and supported rolls. In this child and parent class you’ll also find a supportive environment for you to nurture your little mover’s social development with other yogi babies! Baby Love is broken down into two age ranges; 4-11 months (Sundays October 6th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd 8:45am-9:30am) & 12-24 months (Nov 2nd-23rd 9-9:45am) to ensure a developmentally appropriate environment for every little one. ​

Young Yogis Class Series Bring your 4-6 year old yogi to this independent class, with Teacher Annelise starting on Sunday October 20th at 11:30am- 12:30pm! During this four week class series, your Young Yogi will have opportunities to learn yoga poses, while promoting self-confidence. In this fun upbeat class, children are supported in learning yoga at a developmentally appropriate level, while also being offered a pathway to mindfulness. In this class, Young Yogis will connect to themselves and others, harness their breath, move their bodies, practice their ability to focus and relax!

​Junior Yogis Class Series Give your 7-12 year old a chance to hang out with Teacher Shakeelah Sundays from 1-2pm for yoga class. This four week class series begins Sunday September 22nd. During this class, your Junior Yogi will explore and expand their yoga practice with fun poses, while being reminded to listen to and respect their body. At this developmental stage, children are more body conscious and part of our focus in class is to support them in developing an attitude of non-judgment and healthy self-esteem. Junior Yogis will also be taught tools to control their breath in order to promote increased focus and concentration.

Goddess Girl Workshop Join Asia Vianna for this movement workshop (Saturdays Oct 19th, Nov 16th, Dec 14th 1:30pm-4:30pm) designed for preteen and teenage girls. Goddess Girl offers an introduction to improvisational dance, yoga, and tumbling. Other activities include journaling, aromatherapy, and uplifting discussions. The goal ofGoddess Girl is to promote empowerment, self-love, and a positive body image. A healthy snack will be provided and each Goddess Girl will receive a small commemorative gift!

Youth Workshops & Class Series

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Adult Workshops & Class Series

Yoga 101 Class Drop-Ins Join Asia Vianna Saturday (Oct 5th & Oct 19th 11:45am-12:45pm) for this beginner’s class series that will either teach you the basics or take you back to the basics of yoga! These classes will focus on the fundamentals asanas (poses) of yoga, introduce pranayamas (deep breathing techniques) and meditation skills!  After attending these classes you will have the tools needed to continue a solid yoga practice. The next four week series will begin Saturday, November 2nd at 11:45am.

Gyrokinesis Class Series ​Join Kayla for a four week class series beginning Sunday October 6th from 6:30-8:00pm. GYROKINESISⓇ is an easy access and low maintenance modality that applies to the everyday movers in the same way that it would for the super athlete. The technique focuses on alignment of the spine, the use of rhythmic breath, increase flexibility by activating inner-energy and oxidization in the joints and muscles to drive movement that invokes healing and freedom in the body. Explore the use and power of rhythmic breathing, posture alignment with a steady flow. Each week, we will move through different dynamics of the technique including: aromatherapy/essential oils, fire breathing, chakra, sound therapy.

Sunday Self-Love: A Yoga Workshop Spend Sunday afternoon (October 27th 1-2:30pm) with Guest Teacher Mariah Stevens of @LivebytheBend for a wonderful workshop on self-love! This self-love workshop is designed to encourage you to become more in touch with your divine self. The purpose of this time is to boost self-esteem and build self-confidence. Mariah will create a safe and comfortable space for you to mindfully explore nourishing the mind, body, and spirit through pranayama (breathing techniques) and a gentle yoga flow.

​Group Healing Join Chrisy Escher for a Group Healing on Saturday November 2nd from 1-3pm. During a group healing Christy creates a safe space of trust and understanding. She opens the group with a prayer and gently guides a brief meditation where she feels into each participant’s chakras. She identifies stuck energy and intuitively receives information about how these blocks are manifesting now and where they come from. Once this new awareness comes through, participants come to realizations on their own and perceptions shift. This is deep inner work that can help people release old patterns that no longer serve them. Christy also discusses integration and next steps. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring water, a pen and paper for notes, and an open mind. 

Attend Open Studio Time
Open studio time is allows you to come in and practice following the flow of yourself. There is no instructor present. There is a studio assistant to check you in. You are welcome to use the studio props during this time. We ask that you keep conversation to a minimum during this time, as to not interrupt the practice of your fellow yogis. This is donation based and complimentary for members!