Meditation for Self-Awareness​ Meditation is a way to connect internally with yourself! This class is just what you need to get better connected with yourself by lowering stress-levels and improving focus. Learn how to pay attention to the breath and quiet the mind.

​Core + More: Pilates Fundamentals This Pilates class consists of exercises to improve core strength and flexibility through a mind body approach. Learn how these concepts connect to help enhance overall wellness in the body. This class is ideal for those new to Pilates who want to gain the fundamentals to begin their journey into the practice of Pilates.

Relax & Renew: A Yoga Workshop Come rest, restore, and renew! This monthly workshop is a combination of journaling, restorative poses, and Yoga Nidra.
Friday 7:00pm-8:30pm
​June 19th, July 24th, August 21st

Yoga 101 Class Series This class series is for beginner yogis that want a slower, paced breakdown of poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. Yoga 101 provides a chance to ask questions and gain understanding of the practice. This four week class series focuses on fundamental asanas (poses) of yoga, pranayama (deep breathing techniques), meditation skills, and energy flows. After completing this series, you will have the understanding you need to continue a solid yoga practice.

Yoga 102 Class Series This class series is for advanced beginner yogis that may have a home Youtube practice or sporadic studio practice and want to gain a more solid grounding in their personal practice. Yoga 102 provides a chance to ask questions and gain a more clear understanding of the poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. This class series will focus on more challenging asanas (poses) of yoga, explore pranayama (deep breathing techniques), meditation skills, and energy flows. After completing this series, you will feel more confident in your yoga practice.

Gentle Yin Yoga Class Series​ Join Tonya for this class series that offers a slow, meditative practice using props and offering modifications to support your focus within. You will experience deep relaxation as you increase your physical flexibility by stretching your connective tissues, ultimately stretching and lengthening them through these gentle yin poses.​

Gyrokinesis Class Series​ Join Kayla the GK Babe for this class series. Gyrokinesis is an easy access and low maintenance modality that applies to the everyday movers in the same way that it would for the super athlete. The technique focuses on alignment of the spine, the use of rhythmic breath, increases flexibility by activating inner-energy and oxidization in the joints and muscles to drive movement that invokes healing and freedom in the body. Explore the use and power of rhythmic breathing, posture alignment with a steady flow. Each week, we will move through different dynamics of the technique including: aromatherapy/essential oils, fire breathing, chakras, and sound therapy.

Soul Power Flow + Restore Workshop​ Join Malachi for a wonderful workshop that will begin with an energetic and creative hour long vinyasa sequence to refresh and awaken your soul! Embrace that energy as you slow down, breathing deep with ease into restorative poses accompanied by sound healing, meant to relax and restore your mind, body and spirit. ​

Hip Hop Hatha Class Series​ Join Mariah, of Live by the Bend. This class aims to promote mindfulness and balance through Hatha Yoga incorporating Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-soul and Trap music. Come join A Tribe Called Love for Sunday Funday!

New Moon Manifestations Workshop Join A Tribe Called Love, for an opportunity to reflect, connect, and manifest during our magical new moon! We will begin with a manifestation circle where people can journal, followed by a moon-centered meditation, leading us into our moon salutations (asanas/pose sequence), and ending with reflection and savasana. The purpose is to take advantage of the power within this evening and within ourselves! Participants are encouraged to bring a journal. No yoga experience is required and all yoga props are provided.

Candlelight Yin w/ Chakras Balancing Join Scheera for this workshop series as we incorporate this special addition of Yin Yoga with Reiki in an intimate candlelight settling. Students will be taken through yin poses that connects with the chakras throughout the series. Mini reiki sessions will be offered to each student to unblock and balance the chakras.

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