Yoga Immersion
Interested in deepening your yoga practice?

At Love Yoga Studio, we offer a variety of Yoga Immersion programs to help you explore the various forms of practice within the yogic tradition.

​Yoga Immersion is offered in-person for fully vaccinated individuals and is available as continuing education credits.

These programs are immersive experiences in the teachings and practice of yoga. Each yoga immersion program gives you two hours of yoga philosophy discussion, journaling and a physical practice per week. These programs are open to both teachers and non-teachers. All yoga immersion programs run for 12 consecutive weeks and are in the evenings from 7pm-9pm EST.

Fall 2021 

Yoga Immersion - 8 LimbsMondays 9/13/21-11/29/21

(Each class includes a hatha practice & discussion.)

Here are topics for each session:
September 13th: What is Yoga?

September 20th: History & Language of Yoga

September 27th: 1st Limb of Yoga

October 4th: 2nd Limb of Yoga

October 11th: 3rd Limb of Yoga

October 18th: 4th Limb of Yoga

October 25th: 5th Limb of Yoga

November 1st: 6th Limb of Yoga

November 8th: 7th Limb of Yoga

November 15th: 8th Limb of Yoga

November 22nd: Experiential Practice

November 29th: Experiential Practice

Yoga Immersion - Breath Work Wednesdays 9/1/21-11/17/21

(Each class includes a moon salutation practice & discussion.)

Here are topics for each session:
September 1st: Introduction to Pranayama

September 8th: Parts of the Breath

September 15th: Purpose of the Breath

September 22nd: Vritti Pranayama

September 29th: Ujjayi Pranayama

October 6th: Anuloma Viloma & Nadi Sodhana Pranayamas

October 13th: Bhramari Pranayama

October 20th: Murcha Pranayama

October 27th: Surya Bhedana & Chandra Bhedana Pranayamas

November 3rd: Sitali & Sitakari Pranayamas

November 10th: Bhastrika, Kapalabhati & Angi Prans/Kriyas

November 17th: Pranayama Off the Mat

Yoga Immersion - Sutras Thursdays 9/2/21-11/18/21
(Each class includes a yin yoga practice & discussion.)

Here are topics for each session:
September 2nd: Introduction to the Yoga Sutras

September 9th: Practice/Sadhana & It's Obstables

September 16th: Consciousness, Choice & Commitment

September 23rd: Samskaras, Ego, Cravings, Emotions

September 30th: Mental Modifications & Thought Waves

October 7th: Attachment & Its Roots

October 14th: Human Nature

October 21st: Self-Realization

October 28th: Pranayama

November 4th: Purpose of Life

November 11th: Meditation & Absorption

​November 18th: Living Your Yoga

Winter 2021/2022

Yoga Immersion - Nidra Tuesdays 11/30/21-2/22/22
(Each class includes a gentle yoga practice, yoga nidra & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

November 30th: Introduction to Yoga Nidra
December 7th: Understanding the Parts of Yoga Nidra I
December 14th: Understanding the Parts of Yoga Nidra II
January 4th: Relaxation & Sankalpas
January 11th: Rotation of Consciousness
January 18th: Breath Awareness I
January 25th: Breath Awareness II
February 1st: Opposite Sensations
February 8th: Rapid Image Visualization
February 15th: Chakra Awareness Visualization
February 22nd: Inner Space Visualization​

Yoga Immersion - Yamas & Niyamas Thursdays 12/2/21-3/3/22
(Each class includes a yin yoga practice & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

December 2nd: Overview of the Yamas & Niyamas
December 9th: Yama #1
December 16th: Yama #2
January 6th: Yama #3
January 13th: Yama #4
January 20th: Yama #5
January 27th: Niyama #1
February 3rd: Niyama #2
February 10th: Niyama #3
February 17th: Niyama #4
February 24th: Niyama #5
March 3rd: Living Your Yoga

Spring 2022

Yoga Immersion - KoshasMondays 3/7/22-5/23/22
(Each class includes a hatha practice & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

March 7th: Introduction to the Koshas

March 14th: 1st Kosha - Part 1

March 21st: 1st Kosha - Part 2

March 28th: 2nd Kosha - Part 1

April 4th: 2nd Kosha - Part 2

April 11th: 3rd Kosha - Part 1

April 18th: 3rd Kosha - Part 2

April 25th: 4th Kosha - Part 1

May 2nd: 4th Kosha - Part 2

May 9th: 5th Kosha - Part 1

May 16th: 5th Kosha - Part 2

May 23rd: Exploring All Five Koshas 

Yoga Immersion - UpanishadsThursdays 3/10/22-5/26/22
(Each class includes a yin practice & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

March 10th: The Inner Ruler

March 17th: Death as Teacher

March 24th: The Forest of Wisdom

March 31st: Sacred Song

April 7th: The Faces of God

April 14th: Modes of Knowing

April 21st: Consciousness & Its Phases

April 28th: Who Moves the World?

May 5th: The Breath of Life

May 12th: Ascent to Joy

May 19th: The Unity of Life

May 26th: Beads of Wisdom

​Summer 2022

Yoga Immersion - Chakras Mondays 6/6/22-8/22/22
(Each class includes a hatha practice & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

June 6th: Introduction to the Chakra System

June 13th: Root Chakra - Part 1

June 20th: Root Chakra - Part 2

June 27th: Sacral Chakra - Part 1

July 9th: Sacral Chakra - Part 2

July 11th: Solar Plexus Chakra 

July 18th: Heart Chakra - Part 1

July 25th: Heart Chakra - Part 2

August 1st: Throat Chakra - Part 1

August 8th: Throat Chakra - Part 2

​August 15th: Third Eye Chakra

August 22nd: Crown Chakra

Yoga Immersion - Bhagavad Gita Thursdays 6/9/22-8/25/22
(Each class includes a yin practice & discussion.)
Here are topics for each session:

June 9th: Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

June 16th: Chapters 1-2

June 23rd: Chapters 3-4

June 30th: Chapters 5-6

July 7th: Chapters 7-8

July 14th: Chapters 9-10

July 21st: Chapters 11-12

July 28th: Chapters 13-14

August 4th: Chapters 15-16

August 11th: Chapters 17-18

August 18th: Significance of the Story

August 25th: The Gita in 2022